Heat Styling damage repair

Heat styling can be very tempting. It transforms your hair and makes you look like a brand new person. However, your hair strands pay a massive price for it! Even though you love that straight mane, or those tight curls, or those ringlets, the heat damage caused to your hair can make it brittle, dry and frizzy.

  • Heat can damage the keratin proteins present in the hair and take away the natural moisture.
  • Regular heating can permanently damage the bonds of your hair strands, and lead to your hair losing its natural bounce.

If you still cannot give up on heat styling, then the least you can do is avoid heat styling damage, by keeping a few tips and tricks in mind.

 Prevention is better than cure- tips and tricks!

  1. Limit the heat use: This comes as a no-brainer. As a general rule, try air-drying your hair as much as you can, rock your hair’s natural texture and if required urgently, use the blow-dry at the lowest heat setting possible. This will ensure that the natural keratin in your hair doesn’t melt. You should also limit the time the heat tool is in contact with your hair, and reduce the number of days you use a heat styler.
  2. Use of a heat protectant: Heat protectants work to slow down the heat conduction from the styling tool. So use them every time you use a drying/styling gadget on your hair.
  3. Never use heat stylers on damp hair: Whenever you style your hair, make sure that your mane is fully dry. Using heat stylers on fully wet or even damp hair can evaporate the natural moisture of your tresses, making it very brittle and dry.
  4. Use a restorative, nourishing shampoo and conditioner: Heat styling can damage your hair to a great degree. So, it is always advisable that you use a good nourishing shampoo, without sulfates and parabens to make sure that your hair remains healthy and smooth.
  5. DIY hair masks: To restore the health and beauty of your hair, you must give it ample nutrients too. While eating healthy and taking supplements is very important, you should apply a good hair mask to your tresses to nourish it.
  6. Get regular hair cuts: If heat damage has made your hair rough and brittle, then you must opt for getting a haircut. Regular trims will remove the frayed ends of the hair, and add natural bounce to the mane. Plus, it helps in maximizing hair growth.
  7. Use of good hair tools: You must invest in good hair tools. Instead of buying cheap tongs and hair straighteners which will damage your hair, do your research and buy a good one. Heats stylers should have temperature control, better plates and must be equipped with modern technology to make sure that it doesn’t fry your hair. Buy blow dryers which come with diffusers and nozzles, to distribute heat more evenly.
  8. Regular hair spas: Take a day off from your busy schedule to head to your favourite salon and spend some time to pamper yourself. A monthly hair spa, will improve the condition of your tresses and keep hair damage at bay.

Hopefully, our tips will help you flaunt your hair without having to make it undergo any damage!.

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