NaYo by Kemon from Europe

NaYo Color System is the hair colouring system dedicated to hair
care and health

A reliable and gentle system for colouring and treating hair: a
natural touch for healthy locks and intense, long-lasting tones

NaYo Color System is a complete wellness treatment, a soft
yoghurt-based mixture with certified organic ingredients.

The gentle ammonia and PPD-free formulas protect the health of
the hair, respecting its structure.

The yoghurt extract protects and boosts vitality while the natural
ingredients ensure a gentle and easily tolerated colour treatment
for the scalp and hair.

Colours natural regrowth

Alkaline pH Application on the base

It completely covers the natural roots with a formula that is gentle
and highly tolerated by the scalp.

Key Ingredients

Based on organic ingredients, the exclusive NAYO COMPLEX makes the colouring extremely gentle and well-tolerated. These natural elements combined with the yoghurt extract ensure a comfortable colour experience during the processing time.

Yoghurt Extract

Protects in an extremely gentle way


With a calming and soothing effect

Flax seeds

Provides hydration, shine and a silky feel