Bohemian at Heart

Boho comes from the word bohemian.

We define bohemian as a free spirited soul who believes in natural living and appreciates and understands the beauty of the world around us.

He, who is not afraid to experiment, is a non-conformist, steps out of line to create a world based on his beliefs and convictions which
benefits one and all, deserves to be called Boho.

How Boho took birth?

When an extremely good hairstylist went out
of job one day and his hugely appreciative
client decided to help him set shop.

They both didn’t know that a simple plan
would take them on such an exciting and
passion filled journey of setting up of Boho as
an eco-friendly salon, which also became a
social enterprise.


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Back to Basics

We have attempted to create the space at The Boho Salon mostly using nature friendly materials, which are both soothing and pleasing to the eye. Each fixture product ritual and service has been chosen for a purpose and has a story behind it.

Simple things like the cane that we have used in the much loved cane work at Boho are unprocessed and organic with no colour or artificial sheen to it.

The terrazzo floorings, the white natural walls, Cane, eco-friendly lighting and hardwood are all natural elements from nature that will beacon you to Boho again and again.

Boho reflects the design of Le Corbusier the French Architect who designed Chandigarh in the 1940’s an ode to the sprit of our city beautiful seen in the hand painted tables in the hair section.

Tribute to true Bohemians

All rooms at the Boho are named after people who have inspired and infused in us the sprit of free living and can be called true bohemians.

” G” stands for Guru adorns the highest mantle and thus the first room is dedicated to him. Then the tribute to the other greats of all times” Van Gogh” ,” Rumi” ,” Beethoven” and our Makeup room” Picaaso” who made the iconic painting” A girl before mirror”.

Warm and inviting Boho is designed to give you a feel of home where you feel cared for and protected.


January 2021
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