Boho’s Social Mission - Goodness is the only investment that never fails

‘Goodness is the only investment that never fails’.

Boho believes in this maxim in heart and spirit and with this belief we have taken the initiative towards spreading awareness and empowering the youth with the knowledge about natural, organic and sustainable beauty and wellness products and beauty regimes. Our young salon has taken a unique, small but strong initiative to scale the fight against chemicals and bring at the doorstep of the stakeholders a product range which is totally ‘chemical free’ and brings the goodness of nature to make beauty and wellness more sustainable and less harmful for both you and the environment as well.

Our endeavour in this direction has been constant since our inception and we have been on the look out to create thoughtful, inspiring and engaging programmes to reach the people with our cause of eco-friendly beauty and wellness. To promote this concept we recently had a youth engagement and awareness programme at the premises of ‘The Boho Salon’, wherein thirty girl students of Government Senior Secondary School, Village Teontha , Ditrict Kaithal, Haryana along with four faculty members visited the Salon. With a warm welcome extended to the students and the esteemed faculty a brief was given by the resource persons Ms Rajvir and Ms Sheenam about what beauty and wellness is and how beauty and wellness can be easily achieved by making small but definite life style changes. ‘Beauty is not skin deep’, this was highlighted and the young girls were motivated and made aware about ‘Beauty from within’. They were introduced to the importance of essential oils and the role of essential oils in enhancing one’s beauty and wellness. The beauty and wellness products used in the Boho Salon have these essential oils as the key ingredient.

We believe that such social awareness programmes are an enriching experience for society and help is developing the humane quality in the youth. Boho is commited towards its social responsibility towards the environment, human wellbeing, beauty and wellness. Our mission commiserates with our vision of a cleaner, healthier and sustainable beauty and wellness.

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