Smoothening of Hair by Boho

Boho introduces first time in India Nanokeratin pure inspired by nature and based on pioneering patented biomimetic technologies

Synergizing beauty, science and well being at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System is a global Bio-Technological pioneer.

Inspiration by Nature and Biomimicry concept means studying natural hair process and understanding how natural healthy hair acts so we can provide damaged hair the tools and conditions for it to heal itself by itself from the inside in order to retrieve back to natural healthy state.

Nanokeratin Systems Biomimetic particles perform Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure which means they generate processes, as biological Enzyme does, in order to stimulate and enable inner self recuperation by damaged hair.

Boho Stands for Freedom of Choice.

All other standard products and services for hair are available for clients at Boho.
Boho neither recommends nor discourages the use of those.