Head Massages

Experience the purest of essential oils that seep through to benefit and cleanse with a revitalizing ritual of Boho head massages.

Body Massages

At Boho we fully understand the importance of Vedic traditions in which both the technique and the product are sacrosanct . This is why we use the finest RAS essential oils as massage oils.

Our essential oils, body polishes and body wraps stimulate and synergize the system. This effectively relieves stress, pain and offers full relaxation from head to toe.

Our techniques for full body massage are based on recognizing the importance of effective lymphatic
cleansing to boost the immune system.

Any of our custom made massages will make you experience bliss that will last well after the ritual is over.


The main acupressure points that create the energy flow in the body are all situated at the feet. Boho pedicures are designed to not only make your feet look pretty but also to maintain energy balance in the body.

A full cleansing process along with the highest quality of scrubs polishes and massage oils is followed by foot massages that focus on best techniques from Indonesia and Ancient India.

Foot Massages

Acupressure Massage: A massage that helps relieve pressure by pressing nerve end points in the feet thus revitalizing the nervous system, easing pain and blockages anywhere in the body.

It can be a dry massage or an essential oil based enhancing the overall health and well being of the body.

Foot Reflexology

A special technique massage for easing pain anywhere in the body by sending signals of the pressure being eased by deep tissue massage on the feet.
The muscles and pressure points are both addressed together giving instant relief to the body. Cream or Oil version only.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The most effective way to cleanse lymphatic system is movement through heat and massage to take the toxins close to lymph nodes situated at the upper ends of the body. The only way to beat gravity is to push toxins of lymphatic upwards. Our high-pressure foot massages are all designed for the movement for cleansing the lymphatics by constantly moving them through our massage techniques. Cream or Oil version only.