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As fascinating as it is to get trendy hair colour, equally challenging is its maintenance. Women love toying with the idea of colouring their hair, whether it’s a subtle balayage, ombre, platinum blonde, burgundy or even pastels and metallics. Hair colour could make one look ravishing, complementing the complexion with ounces of vibrance. Still, the flip side of hair colouring is that due to the existence of chemicals, it could distort and hamper the natural growth. Hence, the installation of the required moisture and nutrients, in the right proportions, is essential.

Precautions & Care:

The before and aftermath of a hair colour requires equivalent precautions and care that go hand in hand for damage control, the very first being the usage of the least possible chemicals. The Boho Salon, a luxury hair and spa beauty salon, the best salon in Tricity, provides a range of hair colour shades and styles. It offers a variety of NaYo Color System by Kemon from Europe- consisting of certified organic ingredients in the form of a yoghurt-based mixture, hydrating and colouring the natural regrowth in an extremely gentle way.

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Game Changers:

Stepping up the oiling and hair mask game is a must before getting a hair colour done. Some tips to keep the colour fresh for a shiny and smooth effect as part of the extra care, are as follows-

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Infrequent Washing

After colouring, one must wait a couple of days before washing again to let the colour settle. Washing as infrequently as possible, i.e. not more than twice or thrice a week, with a colour specific shampoo and conditioner with low sulphate and ammonia contents, is a must to let the colour stay and not fade away too soon. On other days, one can use a dry shampoo that also helps to revamp the colour alongside looking for a blowout. To cleanse dyed hair must only be washed with lukewarm water.

Condition often

Conditioning consists of essential oils, butter and conditioning polymers applied from mid-length down to the ends. After washing the hair with lukewarm water, one must rinse off the conditioner with cold water because it helps in sealing the moisture from the conditioner. One can also use a conditioner on certain days and skip the shampoo for nourishment alongside not letting the colour fade. The Boho Salon offers deep conditioning as a must for brittle and dry hair.

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Avoid Heat

After any hair treatment, one must avoid using any heat. It could be the usage of any electrical appliance or even exposure to the UV rays of the sun fade the colour by intruding the chemicals. Hence a heat protection spray must be used before stepping out in the sun for too long.

Eating Right

Feeding one’s hair from inside out is vital as what we eat has a direct correlation with how our skin, nails and hair look and feel.

Intake of Vitamins A, B, C and E is a must for healthy-looking hair that include leafy greens, nuts, soy, low-fat cheeses, egg whites, spinach and fish; that is not just a source of Vitamin A but also fatty acids and Omega-3. In between meals, one should have fruits, nuts and grains.

Avoid Chlorine

The existence of chlorine in swimming pools can fade away the hair colour.

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Regular Trims

Chopping off the damage, i.e. split ends and dryness from time to time after a hair colour should be a process to be followed else, they make the hair look dull, rough and weak.

Home remedies

Using alcohol and sulphate- free shampoo is not enough. Home-made masks are easy and fun to make. To soothe the frizz, repair damage and retain moisture, mixing and applying these four ingredients- Banana, Yoghurt, Olive Oil, Honey- is the best way to keep hair healthy at home. For Protein, one can mix- Egg and mayonnaise. There is an innumerable number of hair masks one can make at home and apply from time to time. Hair oils like coconut, olive oil or jojoba oil should be applied at least once a week.

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We, one of the best salons in Chandigarh offer exclusive essential oil massages and luxury hair spas helping to regain the strength, volume and shine by repairing the roots. Our exclusive hair services include The Nashi Argan Treatment that helps regain a new vigour, making the hair look as healthy and shiny as never before. Hence these spas and oils help restore the damage by reinstalling the essential nutrients lost during the application of chemicals. Thus, if we expose our bodies to any chemical treatment, we should instil a routine for its maintenance by just some extra care from our end.

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