Prettiest Date-Night Hairstyles Boho Salon

Is it your date and showing up in style is a must! Check these easy, date night hairstyles to help you for your next big night. Tumbling waves, shiny blowouts, boho braids all these bewitching hairdos for that much awaited date…! Come to us at the BOHO SALON to get you all glammed up for your date! The expert hairstylists at the BOHO SALON can create the look you desire. Remember your hair style is your best accessory. Read on to find out about various hair styles to create the oomph look!

  1. SOFT LOOSE WAVES-Once your hair are dry, you can use a curling iron to touch up any curls. This style would look great on anyone! Long, short, fine hair, this one is for all! It creates tons of volume and our expert hairstylist will help you in achieving those killer waves!
  2. THE ROMANTIC NIGHT HAIRSTYLE: FRENCH TWIST- Blow dry it straight. Gather your hair to one side, and begin twisting your hair upward going counter clockwise. Tuck the pieces of hair that hang out and secure it. For that elite French look and a gorgeous night hairstyle you have to visit the BOHO SALON.
  3. THE TRENDY NIGHT HAIRSTYLE: SLEEK HALF UPDOFor straight hair, divide two small sections of hair from each side of your head and cross them so that they meet at the back. Insert long bobby pins vertically across for an eye-catching look that’s sure to turn heads.
  4. THE FLIRTY NIGHT HAIRSTYLE: HALF-UP PONYTAILFor extra volume, you can try holding it up vertically and brushing a comb in a downward direction toward the roots. Take an elastic to secure the top section. Wrap a bunch of hair around the elastic so that it covers it completely. Style the hair by using a curling wand to create ringlets or brush them out to form waves.
  5. SLEEK AND STICK STRAIGHT NIGHT HAIRSTYLE-Streamlined strands have a graphic appeal. A high-shine finish keeps the effect luxe for this style. BOHO SALON introduces first time in India Nanokeratin pure inspired by nature and based on bio-mimetic technologies for those sleek hair.
  6. FACE-FRAMING CRIMPS – If you’re more comfortable pulling your hair back—be it in a bun, or a braid, or just an untidy cluster—consider loosening things up. By tugging out few sections back from her hairline along the parting, then crimping them, the style is instantly softer and more adorable.
  7. WAVY DATE NIGHT HAIRSTYLE – This is a 1940’s inspired Hollywood look. The waves are soft and touchable and adds instant glam to any outfit. Prep your hair with a smoothening cream, set the hair on medium rollers or curling iron and then allow your hair to cool. Using a nylon hair brush from scalp to the ends will give your hair a soft and glossy finish.
  8. BOHO BRAIDS- A feminine and romantic hairstyle which gives a flirty vibe. It is a versatile look which can be worn both formally and informally. It is best suited to medium to long hair type. And don’t worry! We can recreate this style in minutes at our BOHO SALON!
  9. SIMPLE SLEEK HIGH BUN- A classic bun at the top of the head screams high fashion and is perfect for fancy dates. It is the perfect date night hairstyle!
  10. THE POWER PONY- Headed for an impromptu date! Sport the power pony!! The volume in this hairstyle makes it good for a transition from day to night. You can recreate this style in minutes.

Happy dating!!

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